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Snow White

NEOVCHEM, is pleased to introduce one of it's newly product in Paste form named 'Snow White'. 'Snow White', used in Detergent Cake only for White Soap and also for White Detergent Powder.

Advantages & Benefits:-

  • Whitening effect in Detergent Cake & Powder.
  • Fine paste with uniformity.
  • Brighter effects can be seen even though China clay used.
  • Economical as range compare with other products.
  • Along with whitening it will also removes dirt and stain in clothes to some extent.
  • No fading or dullness seen even kept for longer time.

NVC, 'SNOW WHITE', can be also used those are using Polymer (Polycot), It is same as Other Pigment color used for making Detergent cake. Its appearance is 'Milky White'.

Packaging: Available in 50 KG Carboy Packing.

Dosage: 100 Gm in 100 Kg Batch Size, Mix in Acid Slurry (LABSA) and AOS

snow white before
snow white after

snow white before