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Stiffwell (Concentrated Starch)- Starched Saree & Shirt

NVC manufacturers concentrated super stiff starch paste with anti-bacteria. It makes our clothes 25% to 30% stiffer; it is 99% bacteria free. It is very good product for instant starch on garments. You probably rely on a professional laundry to handle your clothes for starch as you enjoy wearing such a clothes as they do look really sharp and professional.

NVC gives an instant starch and stiffness to our clothes at home without giving in laundry.

Cotton clothes and shirts for better crease on them and to protect them against harmful bacteria. NVC provides you with Stiffwell in Paste form it can be used in both hot and cold water. The main thing to keep in mind is the quantity of water and Stiffwell to be dissolved properly.


Makes ironing easier + faster: Stiffwell has ironing aids that help the iron glide faster and 'sets' the fabric so there is no Need to iron over the same area as many times. While pressing clothes while does not stick to iron.

Helps you look polished: There's a noticeable difference between a professionally laundered clothes and one that's been cleaned and ironed at home-except when you use Stiffwell.

Keeps wrinkles out longer: Compared to alternatives like Steam, Stiffwell is better at helping maintain the freshly ironed look throughout the day.

Protects fabric from stains: Stiffwell acts as a barrier between fabric and dirt or sweat, causing dirt to stick to Stiffwell instead of the fabric and making it easier for these stains to come out in the wash.

Extends the life of fabric: A big misconception about Stiffwell is that it degrades fabric over time. In reality, it extends the life of fabric by preventing fraying and lessening the need for harsh, heavy-duty cleaning products in laundry routine.


  • Take 300grms of Stiffwell& pour DIMINERALIZED mineral water of 2 Litters in your Bucket & just mix it then put in it the after washed clothes which you want to Starch, Keep it for 5 to 10 Minutes and put it for dry.
  • After drying and ironing it you will get the best visibility of starch fabrics.