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Stain Remover - KLAR

Have you fed up with the strong stains/ oily/ solvent substances in fabric? Then opt for NVC Klar, a solvent which can remove the problem quickly without fading your clothes. 'KLAR', by simple applying on the spotted stain on fabric can remove the stains easily and retain the fabric freshly. Here you can niche your own market by added value to your own brand.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Remove Strong stain easily spotted in fabric like Blood, lubricants ,inks, etc
  • Without fading color in clothes, catch hold the fabric strength.
  • Brightness effect on fabric
  • It can be used for colored and also white fabrics
  • Resistance of long life on clothes

How to Use:

    Hand Wash/ Washing M/Cs Wash

  • Apply, Klar to the spotted fabric/ stains keep it for 10 min
  • Add 100 ml in 5 ltrs and soak the clothes/fabric
  • Add 100 ml on top of detergent soap/ powder mix and laundry in 5 lts of water
  • Wash as usual the clothes.
  • Rinse it and dry it.
stain remover
stain remover Benefits

Appearances Sky Blue color liquid

Packaging Available in 50 kg/ 200 kg Barrel