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Product Features - FC & FT Series

  • With excellent solvent resistance to most common solvents like ketones, esters, alcholos,etc.
  • Intense fluorescence.
  • Excellent brightness along with color strength.

FC Series:

Textile printing colour paste, water based coating, color speckles/soda ash, soaps and detergents,paper coating water based and nonpolar solvent based paint.

FT Series:

Solvent based paints and inks, screen inks, solvent based gravure inks, paper.printing inks and paper coating, aerosol paints, rubber waxes and candles.

Technical Standards

Series FC FT
Tinting strength 95% 95%
Light fastness 2-3 2-3
Softening point 125-145⁰C >250⁰C
Heat resistance 130⁰C 150⁰C
Bulk density 0.6 g/cm³ 0.6 g/cm³
Bulking value 1.6 cm³/g 1.6 cm³/g
Average particle size <=6m <=4m
Oil absorption <=55% <=45%
pH value 5-7 5-7

Daylight Fluorescent Pigment
NeoVChem Fluroscent Range color for FC & FT Series
Pink R    Golden Yellow     Violet-R
Pink-B      Chrome       Violet-B  
Red      Lemon Yellow       Horizon Blue  
Orange Red      Saturn Yellow       Turkish Blue  
Orange Fire Red      Green       Magenta-R  
Orange      Parrot Green       Magenta-B  
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