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NVC Pigments for Plastics Industry

Pigments for Plastics Industry

Colour selection is one of the most important things to be considered in the plastics industry. The colourants that are used in the Plastic Industries are the dyes and pigments. If you are looking for high-quality inorganic and organic color solutions as well as pigments for plastics? Look no further: NeoVchem has an extensive range of products for coloring vinyl coverings, PVC pipes, roof profiles, PVC window profiles, gutters, as well as sheets, fibres, films, machine cladding and technical profiles of all common thermoplastic materials efficiently.

NeoVchem is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Pigments for Plastics include plastic colorants as well as masterbatch polymer granulates. Whether it is a tailor-made or standard product - you can rely on our plastics know-how. Our plastic colorants guarantee maximum stability, low coloring costs and color strength. NVC pigment is used almost all thermoplastic plastics, surfaces with attractive haptic and visual properties is created using the appropriate combinations of our plastic luster pigments. Our modern pigment technologies not only make plastics products more colorful and attractive. It also provides effective protection for products and brands.

Pigments Product Details

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Pigments in India. these pigments offer limitless styling options in end-use applications including electronic casings, packaging, wall coverings, appliances, furniture, and flooring. Our Pigments drive aesthetic trends, create visual impact, improve brand recognition and product differentiation. We have available pigment for plastics with following range:

  • Organic Pigments
  • Speciality Pigments
  • Inorganic Pigments