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Camfy after wash (Softening Agent)

Looking for 'Fabric Softner', then opt for after wash softener multi-coloured perfumed, 'Camfy' by NeoVChem. Feel freshness when you wear your washed clothes, by adding 'Camfy'. Get a brilliancy look on clothes, Softening feeling and make you freshness throughout the day. 'Camfy' and softening Agent it's a ready to use product where you can make your own brand and niche your own market.

Advantages & Benefits of Camfy:

  • Gives shining to your clothes by nourishing and repairing the fibres damaged as been repeatedly washed on regular based.
  • Gives fragrance for long-lasting & freshness to clothes.
  • Camfy conditions the clothes and makes them visibly soft, smooth and great to wear.
  • The biggest plus point of this product is, it does not have any hazardous chemicals which harm skin and do side effects.
  • It also catch hold the fabric/material strength.

How to Use Camfy:

Hand Wash

  • Soak Clothes in the Bucket for 5 Minutes, where Camfy is added
  • After detergent wash, add 25ml of Camfy in a bucket of 5 ltrs of water
  • Remove the clothes and dry as usual without squeezing (twisting/ rinse) it.

Machine Wash

    Front load

  • - Pour 50 ml of Camfy in the softner compartment when added to the same time added detergent.
Top Load Semi-Automatic
  • - Pour 50ml of Camfy directly in the additives Compartment at the start of rinse cycle.
Top Load Automatic
  • - Pour 50 ml of Camfy directly in the 'softener dispenser'/'additive/'conditioner' compartment at the start of the Washing cycle

Here, you will feel freshness of fragrance and smoothes on the washed clothes.


Camfy (without fragrance), take 1 ltr camfy and add 3 ltr of DM/Industrial water lastly add your own fragrance mix it well, Fabric softener is ready and uses shown as above. We also provide Camfy (with fragrance) also, uses as shown above.


We can also provide in Sky Blue/ Baby Pink color respectively the fragrance provided by the Company.


Available in 50 kg Carboy