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Ultra Clean-X

NVC UCX is an enzyme which pushes the product performance to Company standards, it mainly removes maximum amount of dirt from the fabric by stabilizing the foam and hence increase penetration power to remove dirt. It improves/ boosts the Acid Slurry by adding NVC-UCX which can increase the power of particular detergency. Hence, it gives easy wash to all stubborn stains in clothes/laundry wash as well as sticky oil utensils substances.


  • Addition of NVC Ultra Clean-X removes more dirt and stains from your clothes;then your regular washing supplement.
  • Stubborn dirt and stains are removed like motor oil, rust stains, grease, blood stains, point inkstains, etc with the help of NVC Ultra Clean-X.
  • It acts as a anti-re-stabilizes of dirt on your fabrics.
  • It cleans the collars and other cuff without stains prevent fabric and maintains overlong period of time.
  • Brilliancy and smoothness is seen on clothes.
  • Resistance of long life on clothes.
  • It reduces the working cost price of your supplement soap and powder.
  • It stains out the oil contents from the dishes, hence benefits in dish washing bars.


  • Stable in both highly Acidic (2ph) and basic Alkaline medium (14 ph)
  • Stable at higher temperature upto 200 C
  • Equally balanced in Sunlight
  • Easy blends that mixs with contents
  • Collar and cuff dirt remover

Method of Using NVC Ultra Clean-X

  • The advantage is its clean and dirt of Acid slurry and thus it raises the strength of your batch.
  • Take a require dosage Ultra Clean-X (0.1% to 0.5% of your total batch size) and mix with Acid slurry.
  • Stir it and instantly use the material, following dosage is as follows:-
Ultra Clean-X-before

Dosage: 0.1 - 0.2% of batch size to be added directly in acid slurry in the initial first stage for Detergent cake /powders/liquid soap (100-200 gms UCX in 100 Kg batch size)

0.2-0.3% of batch size to be added in acid slurry in the initial first stage for Dish wash powder, Scouring bar/liquid soap/floor cleaner and car wash liquid (200-300 gms of UCX in 100 Kg batch size)

Application: NVC Ultra Clean-X Dirt and stain remover for manufactures of all types of Detergent cakes, laundry detergent powder, scouring bars, Dish washing detergent cakes and liquid detergents.

Form: Sky Blue Liquid

Packaging: Available in 50 kgs/ 200 kgs Carboy/ Barrel.

Ultra Clean-X-after