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NVC Pigment Colors for Paint Industries

Pigments in Paints Industry

We are one of the leading names in offering a wide range of pigments for Paints Industry. Depending on application requirements, NeoVchem pigment compounds provide paints with durability, color strength, light and weather fastness, coverage, chemical inertness as well as good environmental performance.

Paints are manufactured using ingredient categories like Additives, Pigments, Liquids, and Binders. in a tinting system, specifications of pigment dispersions, like density, rheology, color, color strength all are strictly controlled for use in colour. The paints industry uses speciality pigments to manufacture paints for a broad array of applications. Pigments are present as coloring elements in paints industry.

Pigment Types:

These are different varieties of pigments available in the paint industry. These include:

Synthetic Pigments - They give the synthesization advantage in almost any shade and gives dazzling visual effects. Synthetic Pigments are the most widely used but artificial organic pigments and dyes.

Earth colour Pigment - It derived from the natural sources and are inorganic in nature. Earth pigments are Fastweather Resistant, Lightfast, and Chemical.

Plant Color Pigments - It is sourced from natural organic pigment found in plants.

Mineral Pigments- They include among others titanium dioxide, chrome oxide green, iron oxide yellow, black, red, ultramarine blue, brown, and nickel-titanium yellow etc. Mineral pigments comprises synthetic inorganic pigments.

NVC pigments not only give the paint its colour and finish, but also serve to protect the surface underneath from corrosion and weathering as well as helping to hold the paint together. Ink : NVC makes pigment for inks of high quality and which has highest possible consistency to ensure that the inks work flawlessly.