After Wash White Clothes

NeoVchem presents Blue Liquid Fabric Whitener, NVC Liquid Blue that will helps in giving wonderful skyline effect to the white clothes in Products Houses. Our NVC Liquid Blue solution is applicable to all types of fabrics such as Cotton, Wool, Synthetic and Silk.

Did anyone have ideas how to get dingy whites bright white again? So many of our white clothes are seems to be seen as off-white or light tan. We had made it an easy way to get them back to the white, brighter whiter with the help of NVC LIQUID BLUE .


Dostage: 1 Litre of NVC Blue Liquid 20 litre of Clean water (Demineralize water) of normal quality.

Packaging: Available in 50 Kg Carboy.

Without NVC Liquid Blue
After dipping in NVCLiquid Blue
after liquid blue