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LIQUID-THICKENERS known as Thickening Agent, are thixotropic additives prepared by NeoVchem which increases the viscosity of a liquid soap solution without disturbing or modifying in applied products. Thickening agents are mostly used for thickening up Liquid based soaps/detergents and applied products; improving business.

Advantages & Benefits:-

  • LIQUID-THICKENERS improve the suspension of the liquid detergents/applied products hence indirectly increases stability of the product. They also act as mechanical additives which discrete particles by adhering / interlocking to it.
  • One of the important characteristics of liquid soap is the texture. Liquid soap can range from very thin to a thick gel consistency. It's important to remember that thickness does not mean concentration or quality of the product. There is no right or wrong consistency; it's all about personal preference.
Liquid thickners

Properties & Characteristics

  • It stabilize the liquid and retain its properties.
  • PH level b/w 6-8.
  • A good gumming property which can ease for thickening the applied products.
  • Better Viscosity's.
  • It is odourless & to some extent is colorless also.

Appearance: White semi solid transparent liquid

Packaging: Available in 50/ 200 kg carboy/ Barrel.