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Polymer Polycot (Binding Agent)

Poly-cots are core building agents for detergent formula and combines together with mild cleaning and bonding actives. They help in separate of soils and avoid their re-deposition on fabrics at the same time they bond the detergent cake in such a way that it remains tough in dry condition but at the same time accepts the water conditions. Hence, they are used as wetting agent and also rewetting agent. They can already accepts very well at high wash temperature hence avoid sogginess in detergents.


  • It forms a mild layer or lamination of the detergent cake.
  • It get wets faster in wet condition and vice versa dries fast in dry condition.
  • It replaces STPP to some extent.
  • It stabilizes the foam for a longer time in wet condition hence useful in less slurry content.
  • It control sogginess in the detergent cake.
  • It acts as anti-cracking property in detergent cake.
  • It is suitable in all whether condition more useful in rainy or moisture season.
  • It gives mild glitter on detergent cakes.
  • It works well in lower acid slurry content in detergent cake.
  • It stops white layer formation on detergent cake hence useful in alkaline condition.

Application:- Poly-cot is used in Detergent Cakes, Bath (Toilet) Soaps, Laundry Soaps and Dish wash also.

Properties:- Polycot is a concentrate gel form usually looks alike silicate, and to some extent we can reduce the dosage of silicate. Polycot has high bounding capacity which is colorless and odourless.


Detergent / Dish wash Cake / Laundry Soap

- Add 1% of polycot the batch size to be added after neutralization of acid slurry before addition of perfumes. Ex - 1 kg in 100 kg Batch Size.

Toilet Soap

Add 0.5% of Polycot to the batch size before addition of perfumes. Ex - 500 gms in 100 kg Batch Size.

Packaging Size

Available in 50 kg/ 225 kg Carboy/Barrel