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Would like to opt a Power of combination in multiple ways by using one product, which is eco-friendly. You are at Wright place; NeoVChem has introduced a Multi-purpose H/C liquid Known as Soaping Agent. Soaping Agent it can be used instantly, which can remove dirt/stains/oily substances/germs with easiness of the applied segment.

Advantages & Benefits:-

  • It reduces the working cost price to the applied supplement segments.
  • As compared with other products in market is more economical.
  • Cleaning effect more effectiveness and quickly.
  • Good foaming effect.
  • Neutralize pH.

Application: You can niche your own brand by simple adding your various fragrances with color of your own combination also.

hand wash
dish wash liquid
detergent liquid

There are various multiple ways of application of NVC specialize 'Soaping Agent'

Packing: Available in 50 kg/200 kg Carboy/Barrel