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NVC Ultra Clean-X (Dirt & Stain Remover)

Ultra Clean-X - Dirt & Stain Remover

NVCULTRA CLEAN - X (Dirt & Stain Remover) is an excellent blend used to boost the power of acid slurry and related cleaning compounds for manufacturers of Detergent Cakes and Liquid Detergents. It not cleans acid slurry but also cleans tuff dirt on fabric hence lifting your branded detergent products to international standards.

Generally you know that while manufacturing Detergent Cakes, Powder or Liquid the main raw material which is used while manufacturing it is Acid Slurry that is the raw material which is blackish or brownies in colour due to free Sulphur acid slurry looks blackish in colour or brownish in colour for that reason we find our detergent cake or powder look dull. If we remove Sulphur from acid slurry and carbon from minerals (eg. soap stone, china clay, dolomite etc) the detergent would look brilliant. So our Ultra clean X removes Sulphur and carbon the detergent which would look brilliant by 30% to 40%.

Ultra clean X has another property that is STAIN REMOVER which easily removes stains from clothes. Acid slurry has a good surfactant property but cannot remove oil from cuff & collars but Our Ultra clean-x has this plus point that it decomposes fatty compounds into simpler components as it is found that more dirt is accumulated on the cuff and collars due to hair oil used hence ultra clean-x decomposes oil substance and removes the dirt from cuff and collar and stubborn stains like grease or oil stains if on any fabrics it removes and give brilliant looks of the fabrics.

Temp. Stability: - Ultra clean - X is stable Up to 150c so need not worry about temp. and perimeter is 7PH.

Application: Ultra Clean - X is mixed in Acid Slurry only.

Properties: Ultra Clean - X is a concentrate gel form usually looks like Milky Gel with high bonding capacity with colorless in its character available in 50 kgs plastic carboys.

Dosage: 0.1% to 0.2% of your batch size directly into Acid Slurry and then take your batch as usual you can reduce.