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NVC Pigment Colors for Soap & Detergent Industries

NVC pigments are designed to help you manufacture your product by providing a universal grade of pigments which can be applicable in many industries, below is some following performance advantages of our Pigments :-

  • Perfect color selection providing the right color for your products
  • Long-term color stability that resists fading or changing over time

Pigment Advantages for Soaps & Detergents

Pigment color play a vital role in Soap and Detergent Industries. NeoVchem is engaged in the field of pigments are focused on developing novel formulations that require less expensive materials, more stability or interact more efficiently with substances they come into contact with.

  • NVC pigments do not adhere to fabrics.
  • It maintains color value over long duration of time
  • Maintains the amount of lines

More Benefits of Our Pigments

below is some following performance advantages of our Pigments :-

  • It maintains its color in acid slurry and caustic or silicate and maintain colour value over long duration time.
  • Letters or begins with a capital letter
  • NVC pigments have a unique sun fastness of heat stability upto 230⁰C stable both Acid and Alkali.
  • Maintains the amount of lines