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Camfy after wash (Softening Agent)

NVC pigments are designed to help you manufacture your product by providing a universal grade of pigments which can be applicable in many industries, below is some following performance advantages of our Pigments :-

  • Perfect color selection providing the right color for your products
  • Long-term color stability that resists fading or changing over time

Benefits of Camfy:

  • Gives shining to your clothes by nourishing and repairing the fibres damaged as been repeatedly washed on regular based.
  • Gives fragrance for long-lasting &freshness to clothes.
  • Camfy conditions the clothes and makes them visibly soft, smooth and great to wear.

How to Use Camfy:

Option 1

  • After detergent wash, add 1 Liter of Camfy in 3 Liter of Clean water in Bucket.
  • Soak Clothes in the Bucket for 5 Minutes.
  • Remove the clothes and dry as usual.

Option 2

  • Wash Clothes with Detergent as usual.
  • With Additives Compartment pour 1 cap in the additives compartment at the start of wash cycle.
  • Without Additives Compartment Pour one cap of Camfy directly into the wash tub before the last rinse.

Option 3

  • Add one cap of Camfy directly in the softener dispenser/additive/conditioner compartment at the start of the Washing cycle

Option 4

  • Wash clothes with detergent as usual.
  • Pour one cap of Camfy directly into the wash tub during the last rinse.


Take 1 Liter of Camfy & pour DIMINERALIZED mineral water of 3 Liters in your Bucket & just mix it then put in it the after washed clothes for 5 Minutes and put it for dry.